Move to shape your body

PortDeBras for Kids 

If you want your child to grow up beautiful and healthy so that his body develops harmoniously, children's ballet courses are just right for you! Just a few sessions are enough to assess how tangible the positive changes in your child's character and well-being are.

The skills acquired in the classroom not only develop comprehensively, but also impart skills that will be useful to the child later when he goes to kindergarten or school. Clearly developed imagination, abstract thinking and memory will help to better absorb information in the classroom.

Through exercises performed while sitting, standing and lying down, the child learns to properly hold his back for a period of time until it becomes a habit and is fixed in muscle memory. Grace and plasticity develop significantly in such lessons, and all movements and gestures become smooth and harmonious. Special exercises will help develop coordination of movements, hold the arms and body correctly, teach you to feel your body better and control it with confidence and clarity.

Feet in children at an early age are not yet formed and there is a risk of developing flat feet and clubfoot. A separate set of exercises is aimed precisely at preventing the occurrence of this problem. Regular exercises will help strengthen the muscles of the feet, develop the ability to pull them.

Kids Ballet develops musicality in children, teaches them to hear and understand music, develops a sense of rhythm and helps capture the momentum of movements. Together with the teacher, children learn to determine the mood of the music and adjust their movements to it, thereby developing creative thinking, imagination, fantasy and improvisational skills. The skills acquired help the child to open up and free themselves, to develop self-confidence and independence.

In addition to a great contribution to the physical development of the child's body, baby ballet classes bring great benefits to the emotional state. The child becomes calmer and more balanced, ceases to be capricious and nervous for no reason, and his constant companion is a good mood and strength.