Move to shape your body


Definition: modern, holistic anatomical-functional movement and therapy concept 

Aim: Spiraldynamik is a concept for anatomically correct movement, a kind of instruction manual from head to toe - in everyday life as in PortDeBras.

With the erection of man, evolution has created a masterpiece over the past four million years. However, the last hundred years of social development were not planned: People move too little. The lack of routine is reflected in familiar symptoms: bad posture, premature wear and tear, lost movement intelligence. So far so bad. But countless movement professionals in dance and sport prove that there is another way: intelligent movement can be learned.

The French physiotherapist Yolande Deswarte and the Basel doctor Christian Larsen founded Spiraldynamik® twenty years ago in order to research the quality of movement as the most natural source of personal health promotion. The research results have now become an international, award-winning company. 

At the Med Center Zurich in the Bethanien Clinic, doctors and therapists analyze problems in the musculoskeletal system. The focus is on restoring the optimal movement function. In this way, operations can be avoided and new freedom of movement can be learned. Countless patients and course participants have found well-being, freedom from pain and increased performance, more expression and dynamism in recent years.  

Spiraldynamik® - an intelligent movement theory 

The spiral - also known as the helix - is a basic building block of the universe: spiral galaxies, whirlwinds and cloud eddies, whirlpools and plant growth, shells and antlers - spirals wherever you look. The spiral is also the basic principle in human anatomy: muscle fibers, connective tissue, skin - everything consists of simple or complex spiral structures.