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We focus on four activities that are interconnected and complement each other perfectly. All four activities can be trained individually or together, depending on the person's needs and goal.

Before you start a training with us, you must definitely book a private introductory session (1-to-1). The introductory session consists of an assessment of posture, personal fitness, learning the basics of Pilates and PortDeBras technique, but also refreshing your knowledge from existing experience.

It is suitable for all fitness levels.  At the end of the session, the goals are discussed and an individual training plan is defined. After completing your introductory session, you can choose one of our membership options (ABO) or enjoy your individual training sessions without a subscription and pay for each time you visit us.


Reformer Pilates in combination with spiral dynamics
The Pilates reformer is best for people who want core stability and good posture. Both the equipment and the exercises can be adapted and adapted to any body specifics.
This is perfect for those who are keeping fit, recovering from an injury, exercising for a specific hobby or sport, or wanting a full body workout.

PortDeBras in combination with spiral dynamics
The fitness program integrates stretching methods, concepts of logical and natural movements as well as functional and dynamic stretching, including spiral stretching. The program serves for the versatile development of the physiological and biochemical body abilities.

Body Barre in combination with spiral dynamics
Body Barre is a new fitness trend that spreads like wildfire. It's a Pilates-based, ballet-inspired method that mainly revolves around the handrail used in ballet training - the Barre - with Pilates influences being integrated. Body Barre not only burns fat and tonus muscles, it also improves balance and posture.

Pilates Floor in combination with spiral dynamics
Controlled, deliberately slow exercises, the concentration on breathing and movement and the targeted activation of each individual muscle make Pilates an effective, gentle full-body workout that promotes your stability, balance and relaxation.